When two worlds collide,the days mould to one, 
we look to our hearts,the things that we’ve done, 
each day here so precious,it could be our last, 
no time to hold anger,or hurt that has passed. 

With each day we awaken,a new dawn does rise, 
we open our eyes,and stretch up to the skies, 
give thanks for our life,thanks here today, 
and give understanding for things i cant say. 

Our wings will unfold and the feathers will spread, 
and soon we shall fly ,with new dawns ahead, 
a journey so vast,adventures unseen, 
to fly with the eagle ,to see whats so green. 

And one will look back,and think of this all, 
no regrets on the past,just lessons so tall, 
the journeys come forward,and this time will end, 
move forward our futures,with gods love to send. 

Our thanks for our lifes,and thanks for our loves, 
may we all remain pure,like white turtle doves, 
and shall we move onward and upward once more, 
with spirit amongst us and love at the door.


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