Cross a Raging Water

As I stand on the shore of the still blue water, I can only hear the trickle of the faintest stream. Can only feel the breeze of the softest wind and only hear the song of the furthest lark. And yet I stand on the shore, unsure of where to go…how to cross, what path leads me there? I do not know. I stand, staring at the water, reflecting back to me in most perfect picture, myself, alone, solitary and afraid. “Oh dear God” I say as I stand there alone, wondering where He has gone in this hour of need. But do I hear an answer? Do I see a sign? No. But I know He cares. “Oh dear Lord, come to me please…” I ask, standing there. But nothing, no sign..where could He have gone? Soon at my feet there is a rumble, the clear blue water becomes a river, a flood, a torrent of water. I tremble for fear and step back. I can not take my eyes from it, how will I ever cross it, how will I ever survive? The sound transfixes me, the danger overcomes me and I feel helpless. 

Then a voice calls, above all else I hear it echo to me…smooth, and clear, full of the kindest peace… “My child…come to me.” I look across the raging torrent…which now rages silently…with no sound, and I see my God, standing on the other side. “Come to me” He beckons once again…I want so badly to go and be in His arms, want so badly to feel his love and protection, but how do I get to that place. “How Lord?” I ask…yelling as if to talk over the silence…”Come.” I look at the water…it rages with speed, crashes with thunder. “Come.” I cry…afraid to try..but I know that’s where I belong…so I step. A step closer to the danger…a step closer to my Lord. He is there…waiting for me…there for me like He said He would be, all I need do is go to Him. I step closer, the spray of the water touching my face. “I love you Lord” I say…now on the shore. I step into the water, my will says go on…my body cries stop! I go on…each step my feet finding solid ground…I am in the middle of the rage, standing. I look at my feet…the water only coming up to my ankles…still raging. The stream is only a foot deep. I now run..finding the courage to go on. 

I am His arms…sweet bliss comes across me..the Lord never left me, the Lord never left me. He was there…”you see my child” he whispers “all you need do is find the courage to cross, I have given you the power over these things..have made you bigger than them..that is part of your calling to me.” I stay…motionless in His arms…he is soft like the warm sun and my muscles relax…all pressure gone… all trembles cease and I am at perfect peace with my God, my Father…my Protector. “Oh dear God” I say “I love you my Father, I know you are there for me now…I know with you, I can overcome.” We stand there..for what is eternity..embracing..and never once, not for the shortest moment, do His arms loosen, He steadfastly holds me, forever. 


by Philip Lopez


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